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How to Specify

If you have decided to use a premium material such as Custom Made Acrylic Solid Surface in your project, you also need to ensure that a quality product is specified within your project documentation.

This is easy if you have made your colour selection but can be harder if you are still undecided. 

If you are undecided on the colour or brand, clearly mark on all documentation:

‘Acrylic Solid Surface’

This will eliminate confusion between quality Acrylic Solid Surface and cheaper (polyester) that will not provide the same standard of top. 

If you have chosen a brand but not a colour within that brand, clearly mark on all documentation:

'Brand name' and 'colour to be advised'

When your colour has been decided, clearly mark on all documentation:

‘Brand name’ and ‘the name of the colour’

NOTE: Please be aware that some brands have the same or similar names yet the colours and costs can be very different.

If you would like to view samples, they are available in our Showroom. Alternatively, as much as three samples can be posted out to you at your request. You can also view our Products for more information.

If you are an Architect, Designer, Cabinetmaker or any other business that requires a sample box, please phone our office for arrangements to be made.

It's this simple.

Obtain a Quote

The more details you can provide, the easier and more accurate the quote can be. We quote projects based on the number of sheets required and the number of hours it will take to complete the job.

Each brand of solid surface will have differing price ranges for different colours. The most affordable colour is normally white or an off-white, followed by mid-range and premium colour range. If you have not chosen a colour, we will do a three colour/range base quote. 
Alternatively, if you are deciding between three colours or less we will quote each for your convenience. 

Please see our colour pages or visit us in person at 5 Dexter Street, Moorooka  QLD 4105 to look at colour samples.

Your plan should show a basic layout of the tops with lengths and widths of each piece. Please see above example.

Please include the following details: 
• Edge thickness and style
• Sink (drop-in or undermount)
• Cooktop (dropping, upright or recessed)
• Splash back height, coved or drop on 
• Waterfall (gable ends) distance from the floor