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 If damage has occurred to your top, a trained fabricator can repair it in most cases.

Repair Cost

  • Repairs are not easy to quote, so we base the amount on the information provided to us. Please note that repairs may take longer or shorter than the time quoted.
  • Repair Rates based in Brisbane. Call out $180 + $120 per hour + GST

Receiving a Quote

  • Please email all details to [email protected] or you can visit quotes.
  • If you are able to take photos with a ruler or something similar beside each of the area that needs to be repaired. 
  • Please provide all approximate dimensions on the kitchen top. If repair work is to take place near a hot plate please advise whether it is gas or electricity powered. 
  • If the hotplate is gas, it will need to be removed prior to repair by a gas fitter.  
  • You can retain your own gas fitter or we can use ours at an additional cost of $300 +GST =$330.


Booking a Repair 

  • You can book your repair by calling the office and set up two appointment times. 
  • The first appointment time is to pick up your repair material and/or to identify the colour/brand of solid surface and evaluate the condition of the top. 
  • This appointment normally takes about 30mins. 
  • The second appointment time is for the actual repair work. 
  • If the colour has been identified by way of Tax invoice/receipt or code on the sheet or we have the matching glue in stock this can happen on the same day. 
  • If we do not have matching glue in stock then we will need to order this in after confirming the colour. 
  • Glue takes 4-5 working days to arrive. Most repairs take about 4 hours but can take longer depending on size and complexity.
  • Please be aware that re-surfacing and repairs will create dust and noise. 
  • Please ensure that the work area will be free from any clutter and obstructions.

No Repair Material 

  • If you do not have repair material - that’s okay, we normally have most of the popular colours in stock. 
  • Please contact us to check whether your top matches any of our in-stock colours.
  • The material that we have will not batch match to your top, so there may be a slight colour variation in the repaired section. 
  • Other options may be to create a feature using a contrasting colour and retrieve matching material in this way.


  • Due to the nature of repairs they are not covered under our normal 10 year warranty.