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All Acrylic Solid Surface manufacturing companies have their own large range of styles and colours, at a range of different prices. 

You will have an impressively wide variety to choose from, most commonly used are the white and off white colours as these are the most versatile and cost effective choices. 

If this is your first look at Acrylic Solid Surface, please take the time to open your mind to the versatile world of this product by following any of the links below to see just how endless the choices are. 

Alternatively - the links below may help you narrow down your choices for colour selection.






NOTE: Samples can be ordered direct through the manufacturer or through Thermoform Fabricators by calling us on (07) 3892 2055 – alternatively, you may drop into our showroom at 5 Dexter Street, Moorooka QLD 4105 to view the entire colour range.

We are also willing to open by appointment outside of business hours, just give us a call to arrange a time.