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Whites are a white in Nature with no particulate. The first white is a standard white from this range others are premium whites.

Bright White 001A

 Snow White 033A

Ivory 072A

 Soft White 005A

 Medi White 033Z


Plain are colours that have no particulates.

Dark Jet Black 019X





Brights are colours that have no particulates.

Lime 060A

Fire 088A

Sunshine 079A

Tangerine 077A


Translucents are semi-transparent colours that allow for a certain amount of light to pass through.

White Glow 094A





The size of the particulates within can vary from grains of sand to small stones.

Starry White 531SA

Antarctica DC103

Polar Mist 290A

Ice Storm 721SA

Cotton Boulder 846A

Blanca Granite 701A

Sandy Shore 246A

Rice Pudding 905A

Kauai Beach 428A

Urban Habitat 704SA

  Winter Boulder 800A

      Tuffstone DC101

Platinum Granite 615A

Solar Eclipse 933SA

Dark Raven Boulder 810X

Dark Starry Starry Night 508XS






Verano White M040

Mt. Cremo Carrara M009

Mt. Carrara M007

Storm Cloud M032

Modern Concrete M024

Antique Shell M031

Mt. Grigio M020

Shadow Concrete M021

Taupe Concrete M022

Cinder Concrete 302A

Charcoal Concrete M023

Mt. Vancouver M002